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Truth Be Known was created in 1995 by independent scholar of comparative religion and mythology D.M. Murdock, also known as "Acharya S."

Acharya's work is designed to bring to light fascinating lost, hidden and destroyed religious, mythological and spiritual traditions that reveal an exciting core of knowledge dating back thousands of years.

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Who was Jesus Christ?Who was Jesus Christ?
Was Jesus a God, man or myth? Did he exist as a real person? The answer may shock and surprise you.
Were George Washington and Thomas Jefferson Jesus Mythicists?Did George Washington and Thomas Jefferson Believe Jesus was a Myth?
Did American Founding Fathers study the case for Christ as a mythical figure?

Is the Shroud of Turin real?Is the Shroud of Turin Real?
Is the Shroud of Turin genuine? Or is it a forgery in a long line of "pious frauds?"

Noah's ArkIs Noah's Ark Real?
Is the biblical story of Noah's Ark a true story? Was there a global flood? Many people have tried to find evidence for this tale.

Jewish historican Flavian JosephusThe Jesus Forgery: Josephus
A brief paragraph in by Jewish historian is cited as proof of the existence of Jesus Christ. Is it really? Or is it a forgery?

Tacitus, Roman Politician and Historian, (c. 56-120 CE)Do Pliny, Suetonius and Tacitus Prove Jesus Existed?
Are these supposed references evidence or worthless in the quest for the historical Jesus?

Does Roman historian Suetonius refer to Jesus Christ?Is Suetonius's Chrestus a Reference to Jesus?
Does the Roman historian refer to the historical Jesus of Nazareth or another individual altogether?
Does Church Father Justin Martyr Discuss the Four Canonical Gospels?Does Justin Martyr Refer to the Gospels?
When were the gospels written? Does Justin serve as evidence for their existence in his time?

The Virgin Mary crowned by angelsWho was the Virgin Mary?
Who was the Virgin Mary? Was she the Mother of God? As with Jesus himself, Joseph and Mary never appear in the historical record of the time.

Who was Mary Magdalene?Who was Mary Magdalene?
Was Mary Magdalene a "common prostitute?" Was she the wife of Jesus Christ and the mother of his children?

Jesus the 'Sun of Righteousness' arises, with healing on his wingsWhen Was the First Christmas?
Was the first Christmas truly the birth of Jesus Christ on December 25th? Or is this holiday much older than that?

The sun at winter solstice, forming a cross of lightIs Jesus the Reason for the Season?
Christmas is a winter solstice celebration, not the birthday of the Jewish messiah and Son of God.

Egyptian hieroglyph of Orion with three loops and SiriusThe Star in the East and Three Kings
Is the gospel account of the "star in the east" followed by "wise men" from afar true? Or is it a myth based on older stories?

Isis nursing HorusWas Horus Born on December 25th of a Virgin?
Jesus Christ is not the only god supposedly born of a virgin on December 25th. So too was Horus of Egypt.

Was the Roman god Mithra born of a virgin on December 25th?Was Mithra Born of a Virgin on December 25th?
Mithra, the Light of the World, is an ancient sun god identified with Sol Invictus, who was born on December 25th.
Was Dionysus killed and resurrected after three days?Was Dionysus Born of a Virgin on December 25th?
The Greek god has been depicted as born of a virgin mother on December 25th, dying and rising after three days.
Was the Greek god Attis born of a virgin on December 25th? Was he killed and resurrected after three days?Was Attis Born of a Virgin on December 25th?
What is the evidence that the god Attis was portrayed as born of a virgin on December 25th, killed and resurrecting afterwards?
Was the Indian god Krishna born of a virgin?Was Krishna Born of a Virgin? 
The theme of the virgin mother of a god or hero was abundant in antiquity, including in India, as depicted in the Mahabharata, for one.
The Egyptian goddess Neith was the Virgin Mother of the World thousands of years before the Virgin MaryNeith, the Virgin Mother of the World
The worship of the Egyptian goddess Neith, a sometime mother of the solar deity Horus, is traceable to around 7,000 years ago.
Virgin Mother Goddesses of AntiquityVirgin Mother Goddesses of Antiquity
The Great Creator of the Universe has been viewed as a female - a goddess - during a significant period of human culture.
Is Easter Christian or Pagan?Is Easter a Christian or Pagan Holiday?
Rather than being a "Christian" holiday, Easter celebrations date back into remotest antiquity and are found around the world.
Is Jesus a rehash of Osiris?Is Jesus a Remake of the Egyptian God Osiris?
The dying and resurrected Osiris was worshipped thousands of years before Christ. Is it Osiris's story in the New Testament?
Was Jesus Christ in India?Was Jesus in India?
Over the centuries, the claim has been made that Jesus Christ spent his early and post-crucifixion years in a variety of places.
Was Jesus Christ in Great Britain? Or is he remake of the pagan woodworking god Esus?Was Christ in Great Britain?
Rumors hold that Jesus traveled to England, but did he really? Or is there another reason for these stories? 
Was Apollonius of Tyana the basis for Jesus Christ?Was Jesus Christ Based on Apollonius of Tyana?
Why are the lives of Jesus and Apollonius so similar? Why does Apollonius resemble St. Paul as well?
So-called James Ossuary does not serve as proof of a historical JesusThe James Ossuary Provides No Proof of Jesus 
Is there really some wondrous "new proof" of Jesus to set the record straight once and for all, or is it another bit of faithful flotsam?
Mithra slaying the bull, surrounded by 12 companionsWhat Did the Church Fathers Say about Mithraism? 
Why did the religion of Mithraism so bother the early Christians that they were compelled to write against it?
Dr. Chris Forbes, Australian historianRebuttal to Chris Forbes Concerning Zeitgeist
An indepth analysis exposes 21 errors in this Australian historian's critique of the religion part of the hit internet film.
Isis in cruciform or cross-shapeIsis was Called the Chr