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Books, Calendars and Ebooks

from Acharya S/D.M. Murdock
and Stellar House Publishing 


The Christ ConspiracyThe Christ Conspiracy: The Greatest Story Ever Sold
This best-seller investigates the origins of Christianity and reveals it to be rooted in mythology. Who was Jesus Christ, and why there is no historical or archaeological record of his existence? Learn more...
Suns of God coverSuns of God: Krishna, Buddha and Christ Unveiled
Picking up where The Christ Conspiracy leaves off, this "masterpiece" includes voluminous research verifying the mythological roots of Christianity, as well as its connection to Buddhism and Hinduism. Learn more...
Who Was Jesus?Who Was Jesus? Fingerprints of The Christ
A CSI-style investigation into the claims of the New Testament. Was Jesus Christ really the Son of God? Was he a political rebel? Or was he something altogether different? Learn more...
Christ in Egypt cover imageChrist in Egypt: The Horus-Jesus Connection
This large book provides a massive amount of evidence linking Christianity to the Egyptian religion, using primary sources and the works of highly credentialed scholars in relevant fields. Learn more...
gospel cover imageThe Gospel According to Acharya S
This "Purple Bible" is the antidote to the world's insanity-producing "holy scriptures!" What is God? Is belief in God righteous? Should we praise God? Who speaks for God? Should we pray? What about women and religion? What are real "sacred scriptures?" Learn more...
Man Made God by Barbara G. WalkerMan Made God: A Collection of Essays
Extraordinary independent scholar Barbara G. Walker takes us through a riveting journey back in time to when the Goddess and her consort/son ruled supreme, into the era when the patriarchy usurped Her worship, right up to Barbara's own personal experience raised a Christian. Learn more...
La conspiracion de cristoLa conspiración de Cristo: La mayor ficción de la Historia
The Spanish edition of The Christ Conspiracy: "Jesucristo es una compilación de las vidas y enseñanzas de diversos dioses y hombres santos cuyos dramas fueron regularmente representados por los pueblos antiguos mucho antes de la era cristiana." Mas...


The 2010 Astrotheology CalendarThe 2010 Astrotheology Calendar
This calendar provides valuable and amazing information about holidays celebrated from ancient times to today that are largely based in astrotheology and nature worship. Find out what happened in the ancient world until today! Learn more...

The 2011 Astrotheology Calendar front cover image

The 2011 Astrotheology Calendar
This calendar discusses some of the oldest human artifacts on earth, providing fascinating information about the astronomical alignments and astrotheological meanings of various archaeological sites and ancient artifacts from around the world. Learn more...
The 2012 Astrotheology Calendar cover imageThe 2012 Astrotheology Calendar
This year's calendar focuses on the Mayan time-keeping that supposedly portends the "end of the world." But is that assumption true? Also explores the correlation between Mayan mythology and biblical traditions, as well as providing fascinating information about amazing religious sites worldwide, from the Mesoamerican and North American to Roman and others globally. Learn more...
The 2013 Astrotheology Calendar front cover imageThe 2013 Astrotheology Calendar
This year's calendar features the Milky Way, the celestial landmark that is the subject of many fascinating myths from antiquity. These stories involving the earthly view of our galaxy reflect intelligent observations of our natural world over a period of thousands of years, amid various cultures globally. Learn more...
The 2014 Astrotheology Calendar front cover imageThe 2014 Astrotheology Calendar
This year's calendar features the Blood Moon, a celestial phenomenon based on the lunar eclipse that is the subject of fascination especially among Christians and others over the millennia. The Blood Moon's redness is caused by the earth's atmosphere, and the phenomenon has been viewed by the devout as a sign of Jesus Christ's return. Learn more...


Who Was Jesus? ebookWho Was Jesus?
Specifically designed for Christians, and using mainly Christian texts and authorities, this ebook starts out recounting the story of Christ, followed by a short discussion of each of the other gospels and the concept of "textual harmonization." The gospel dates are also addressed, as well as the fact that the gospels are a mass of "variant readings" and that their authorship and dates are uncertain. Old Testament "prefiguring" and "prophecies" is also addressed, providing all-new, original side-by-side charts. Learn more...
Jesus as the Sun throughout HistoryJesus as the Sun throughout History
From the earliest times of Christian history, Jesus Christ has been identified with the sun. This fact is readily demonstrated through the study of ancient texts, including the Bible and works of the early Church fathers, as well as Christian traditions, rituals, architecture and artifacts. From a wide variety of sources, it is clear that associating, identifying and equating Christ with the sun began in ancient times and has continued abundantly over the many centuries since then. Learn more...
A Pre-Christian 'God' on a Cross?A Pre-Christian 'God' on a Cross?
In 2001, a line drawing of the tiny Orpheus Bakkikos crucifix was pictured on the cover of Timothy Freke and Peter Gandy’s The Jesus Mysteries. The image created a bit of a sensation, as apologists scrambled to debunk the object because of its similarities to supposed "Christian" iconography. Very soon, cries of "forgery!" were ringing out on the internet and beyond, and the integrity of the Jesus Mysteries authors was impugned with fury, for exposing the amulet to the light of day. But were such charges of forgery appropriate and based on a thorough scientific investigation? Learn more...
The Moses-Dionysus ConnectionThe Moses-Dionysus Connection
The Moses-Dionysus connection is a 15-page ebook/PDF highlighting the commonalities between the Hebrew lawgiver and the Greek god, also known as Bacchus. This ebook represents an adaptation of the forthcoming book Did Moses Exist? The Myth of the Israelite Lawgiver. Why have scholars since the early 17th century - many of them Christian theologians - composed studies of correspondences between Moses and Dionysus/Bacchus? What are these parallels, and where do they come from? What are some of the primary sources? Discover who was really drawn from the Nile and and tamed the Red Sea! Learn more...
Buddhism's Relation to ChristianityMichael Lockwood's
Buddhism's Relation to Christianity
What does Buddhism have to do with Christianity? Is there a connection between the two alleged founders of these similar religions? Why have scholars over the past several centuries recognized important similarities between Buddhism and Christianity, including between their alleged founders' lives? What are these parallels, and where do they come from? What are some of the primary sources? Learn more...

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"Murdock's scholarship is relentless! ...the research conducted by D.M. Murdock concerning the myth of Jesus Christ is certainly both valuable and worthy of consideration." —Dr. Kenneth L. Feder, Professor of Archaeology, Central Connecticut State University, Frauds, Myths, and Mysteries: Science and Pseudoscience In Archaeology

"I find myself in full agreement with Acharya S/D.M. Murdock... I find it undeniable that...many, many of the epic heroes and ancient patriarchs and matriarchs of the Old Testament were personified stars, planets and constellations..." —Dr. Robert M. Price, The Pre-Nicene New Testament

"I can recommend your work whole-heartedly!" —Dr. Robert Eisenman, James the Brother of Jesus and The New Testament Code,

"...I have found Murdock's scholarship, research, knowledge of the original languages, and creative linkages to be breathtaking and highly stimulating." —Rev. Dr. Jon Burnham, Pastor, Presbyterian Church, Houston, TX

"Acharya S deserves to be recognized as a leading researcher and an expert in the field of comparative mythology, on a par with James Frazer or Robert Graves—indeed, superior to those forerunners in the frankness of her conclusions and the volume of her evidence." —Barbara Walker, The Women's Encyclopedia of Myths and Secrets and Man Made God

"I've known people with triple Ph.D's who haven't come close to the scholarship in Who Was Jesus?" —Pastor David Bruce, M.Div, North Park Seminary, Chicago,

"Thirty years ago, when in divinity school, I might have had second thoughts about becoming an Episcopal priest if a book like D. M. Murdock's Who Was Jesus? had been available to me." —Bob Semes, Retired university professor of History and Religion, Founder and Executive Director of The Jefferson Center

"Ms. Murdock is one of only a tiny number of scholars with the richly diverse academic background (and the necessary courage) to adequately address the question of whether Jesus Christ truly existed as a walking-talking figure in first-century Palestine." —David Mills, Atheist Universe

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