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"The Most Important Book of Our Time"

The Christ Conspiracy:
The Greatest Story Ever Sold

"The Christ Conspiracy makes The Da Vinci Code look like kid's stuff!"

What's the shocking truth behind the real story of Jesus Christ?

Acharya S/D.M. Murdock

by Acharya S/D.M. Murdock
Member, American School of Classical Studies, Athens
Scholar of Archaeology, History, Mythology and Languages


What People Are Saying About The Christ Conspiracy

"Few books present so smooth a blend of clarity and erudition as The Christ Conspiracy. This is a well-crafted, thought-provoking work that belongs in the library of every thinking individual. It should be be read by every person concerned about the moral, ethical, and spiritual aspects of our culture; it should be read particularly by those who profess belief in any of the numerous varieties of Christianity. It is a book of true enlightenment." Barbara Walker, The Women's Encyclopedia of Myths and Secrets

"For two millennia, a spurious tale has enslaved the human mind and spirit. It still does. Acharya S's The Christ Conspiracy may well be the most dangerous and important book of our time, for it reveals beyond a shadow of a doubt that Jesus Christ is not a historical figure but simply a mythological toehold by which powermongers provide the dope of hope to the needy, malleable and violent masses." Adam Parfrey, author of Cult Rapture, editor of Apocalypse Culture

"Exciting and provocative... The other thing the reader comes to recognize is that Acharya S has done a superb job in bringing together this rich panoply of ancient world mythology and culture, and presenting it in a comprehensive and compelling fashion. Moreover, she grabs the reader from the first page and doesnt let go. Her style is colorful, bold, occasionally (and justifiably) indignant, even a touch reckless at times, but never off the track - a little like an exciting roller coaster ride. It may take a fair amount of concentration to absorb all this material, but even if you dont integrate everything on first reading, the broader strokes will leave you convinced that the story of Jesus is simply an imaginative refashioning of the mythological heritage of centuries and that no such man ever existed." Earl Doherty, author of The Jesus Puzzle: Did Christianity Begin with a Mythical Christ?

"To our contemporary Christianized Western minds, the most astonishing thing Acharya S proves beyond doubt in her two scholarly tomes is that the much-revered personality known as Jesus Christ is a completely contrived fictional character, and that Christianity has no substance whatsoever that was not stolen - created whole cloth out of pagan myths and traditions - from many of the world's more ancient religions." John Kaminski

Sonrise"Acharya reveals the mythopoeic 'cultural scripts' at the heart of the world's major monotheistic religions. She publicly reveals information that radically undermines unquestioning faith and institutionalized mythic-membership structures (churches, clerical priesthoods, and religious orders) that have censored dissent and stifled individuality." Richard Metzger/Alex Burns,

"A searing refutation of the 'Judeo-Christian Heritage' which is so often trotted out whenever politicians and churchmen pontificate about some social topic or other--a refutation which has at its center the rejection of the idea of the historical Christ, and of the state-sponsored creation of an artificial belief system designed to unify the Roman Empire under one creed. A huge amount of information gathered in support of the idea." UFO City

"Absolutely must reading for the thinking being... From beginning to end, The Christ Conspiracy lays it all out and backs it up. The discerning mind will say that it is about time. Acharya is intelligent, thoughtful and to the point. If you have ever wondered why things don't sound quite right, read The Christ Conspiracy, because the answers are there." Anonymous, from the Barnes & Noble website

Synagogue Zodiac"This is THE most important contribution to the world that I have yet seen. It ranks as my all-time favorite book, and I have a list of at least 20 people that I plan on giving a copy to. This book sews up SO MUCH that I have learned in my quest through life and is giving me a more well-rounded vision, as well as, new avenues to pursue, like astrology (the study of the celestial bodies' meaning and interrelationships) and astrotheology: 'ancient wisdom [from] the deepest mists of time.' I read several pages to my husband last night...and he is VERY impressed. I'm sure this will push him to the point of saying goodbye to the cult that he is in. 'Issa-ra-el, the kingdom of the moon (Isis), Sun (Ra), and stars (El).' COOL! 'Solstice' etymology='sun stands still.' 'Tabernacle'=the tent of the sun. 'Mazzaroth'=the Zodiac! Well, so many wonderful morsels amidst an entree that is extremely satisfying!" Shirley Elmore, Arkansas

"I can truthfully and in all sincerity say that your book, The Christ Conspiracy: The Greatest Story Ever Sold, is THE ONE MOST IMPORTANT CONTRIBUTION ever made to the 21st Century! For what use are exciting 'medical breakthroughs,' 'wonderful new inventions,' 'heady knowledge,' and 'greatly advanced technology,' if the whole planet remains deceived and in SPIRITUAL DARKNESS? In spite of all of these 'rapid-growth developments,' the whole planet is STILL plagued with the stench of a rotting, cancerous growth, and Earth will remain desperately ill, if the cancer continues to only be treated with a Band-Aid, when major surgery is required! Your book exposes the cancer (religious deception), and the remedy (enlightenment & removal) for this sickness!!! Let's determine to send forth tremendous SPIRITUAL ENERGY & LIGHT, in hope that everyone on planet Earth will read and respond to the awakening knowledge that you bring forth in The Christ Conspiracy. If not, there doesn't seem to be much hope left for our beautiful Earth!" SB, Texas

Hercules cross"I purchased 5 copies of your book The Christ Conspiracy: The Greatest Story Ever Sold and promptly gave them out to 5 members of my community theatre group. One of the recipients was a Presbyterian minister who is quite liberal regarding social issues (ordaining of gay and female ministers).... Anyway, he was in total agreement with your info and stated that the church knows this but will never admit this--way too much money involved. I asked him why he participates in this deception, and he just shrugged his shoulders and walked away. I feel very sad for this man. You deserve many kudos for a splendid literary effort." Chris M.

"Your book is one of those you read about in history books. It will have an impact on history. This book cannot go away. In order to dismiss it, 'they' are going to have to come up with some pretty slick stuff. The Christ Conspiracy is a very central piece of historical work." RH, California

"For weeks I have...looked at The Christ Conspiracy, and I feel totally overwhelmed.... It is a sense of awe, admiration, gratitude and humility. Thank you for letting me share the wonder of this book... Your book--very, very scholarly and wholly researched--is a book for today...its message very clear: there is hope, but ONLY if we are ready and willing to make the choices and sacrifices demanded...I have seen 'the future,' and I am scared!..." BS, ex-Catholic Priest, IL

Crucified Jesus-Ass"Acharya, you have done what most scholars and academics could never do--make the information now available about Christian origins clear and coherent enough for the lay public. Your direct, unevasive style for the television-addled masses is all the more important as we enter into the new century.... In The Christ Conspiracy, you brilliantly tie together the doctrinal and mythological clothing of religious belief, so well in fact that you come close to proving that there was/is a universal religion, rather than many religions.... You are a great teacher!" BJ, Kentucky

"An excellent, in-depth study which tears down and apart any lingering doubt about the 'reality' of Jesus Christ. If you still believe after reading this one you are just plain insane." Other Books Review

"One of the best books on the subject. Explores in depth the striking similarities between Judeo-Christian theology and the broad scope of ancient cosmology and religious myth, making this book even more comprehensive than The Jesus Mysteries. Highly recommended." Pagan Christs Recommended Reading

"Recommended book of the year: The Christ Conspiracy. Details all the background of the Christian mythos. Sure, you've suspected or read about most of it before. But this one brings it all into sharp relief. Its conclusion is that its all synthetic. The closer you get to the actual year 0, the fuzzier the story become until it just vanishes like vaporware. One of the most important books I've ever read." JB

"The Christ Conspiracy is a feast of scholarship...not only debunking the notion of a historical Jesus but establishing clearly the roots of that mythology in the solar precession. In pursuing this avenue of research, Acharya S has attained a panoramic view of world religious history especially useful to students of conspiracy, but also one accessible to mainstream readers. She is a veritable Joseph Campbell of dissent over commonly held assumptions about Christianity. Believers will find a new and quite formidable challenge to their faith, and others will be blown away by the depth and breadth of scholarship." AJD, Holland

"I suggest a careful reading of The Christ Conspiracy: The Greatest Story Ever Sold. It is the most complete scholarly examination and refutation of the supposed historicity of Christianity that I have come across. But don't expect easy ready. It's not a flip book. Very solid. Copious notes. Approaches subject from several different aspects. Prepare to spend at least a month reading and studying what it contains." HA, Alaska

"I finally bought this book, haven't been able to put it down. This just confirms what I have believed for years, that Christianity is the biggest scam/hoax ever perpetrated. Unfortunately, it has been successful only because of force, torture and murder. Absolutely one of the best books I've ever read. You are a brave woman to write the truth in this world filled with such insanity." DB

"I recently read your book The Christ Conspiracy. It is an excellent piece of work, fitting in synchronistically with all the information coming to me in recent years about various subjects. Your style and sense of humour are refreshing to read in light of many other informative, yet dry scholarly endeavours." KD

"I am reading The Christ Conspiracy: The Greatest Story Ever Sold! Love the word 'sold.' It is an incredible story of how humanity wants to believe in outer help, rather than be responsible for self and evolution! You have compiled a greater TRUTH... I work in the field of human evolution with many people - your book is a requirement for their process! Thank you for your honesty and integrity. As I travel, your book is a major support to my process and work with others." EDM, AZ

"The Christ Conspiracy: The Greatest Story Ever Sold and Suns of God: Krishna, Buddha and Christ Unveiled - Two great gifts from a great girl." Prof. Christian Lindtner, PhD, Buddhist and Religious Studies, Secrets about Jesus Christ

"The Christ Conspiracy is a book of true enlightenment." Barbara Walker, The Women's Encyclopedia of Myths and Secrets

"Exciting and provocative... Acharya S has done a superb job in bringing together this rich panoply of ancient world mythology and culture, and presenting it in a comprehensive and compelling fashion." Earl Doherty, The Jesus Puzzle

"Your book - very, very scholarly and wholly researched - is a book for today..." B. Strauss, ex-Catholic Priest, Chicago, IL

"The Christ Conspiracy may well be the most important book of our time." Adam Parfrey, Cult Rapture

"Just read your book, The Christ Conspiracy. Excellent." David Icke

"Drawing together an amazing amount of research, Acharya S...demolishes the facade of Christianity, showing that it is 100% mythology." You are Being Lied To

"The Christ Conspiracy is worthy as a source of reference for history, religion, and mythology libraries thoughout the world." BO, Pennsylvania

"Great book. Best book of the century. Powerhouse of knowledge for those who really want the facts and the truth." Folami, TX

"The last great book of the millennium. Now we can start over." Arhata, CA

"What a - dare I say it - GODSEND." MT

"I want to congratulate you on your book The Christ Conspiracy. I have yet to see a more brilliant look at the...cult than this. You truly are a great scholar." ML, AL

"The only thing that will debunk this book is if Jesus Himself comes down from heaven. This is the book I've been waiting for all my life." Pat R, CA

"Your book - given to me for xmas by a husband who appreciates irony, LOL! - is just about the best I've ever read on the subject." MG

"I trust Acharya S's The Christ Conspiracy: The Greatest Story Ever Sold as being totally valid." JP, CA

"I talk to kids my age all the time: 'Yeah dude, Acharya is cool. Nobody can refute her book.'" Jonathan, NY

"I subscribe to the brilliant and insightful theories of one of the great academics of our time - Acharya S." WW

"I think your book is the MOST IMPORTANT BOOK ever written." RA

"I think your books are some of the most informative and illuminating works of scholarship I've ever read. My stepfather read The Christ Conspiracy not long before he died and proclaimed it one of the best books he'd ever read in his life." CA, Tucson

"Good gosh, I love this book." Greg

"I just finished reading The Christ Conspiracy, and I am in awe." Brian

"The smelling salts for the unconscious masses." Attandra, CA

"The JFK assassination is chump change compared to what The Christ Conspiracy targets: the Mr. Big of Western Civilization, Jesus himself." Rob Sterling, The Konformist

"The Christ Conspiracy exposes the conspiracy of the soul." Kenn Thomas

"Classical scholar Acharya S takes aim...the historical accuracy of Jesus Christ... What makes this book unique is the manner in which the argument is conclusively laid out, leaving the reader either complete convinced, or totally shaken in their previous convictions. Acharya is relentless - and her research, nothing less than exhaustive." Adam Gorightly

"Your book, The Christ Conspiracy, was not only the first book to fully open my eyes to what my better mind and inner soul had always told me, but it did so with more irrefutable facts and from more sources than every subsequent book I read on the subject. They truly paled in comparison. In truth, there is no comparison." Diagerge