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Christianity Debunking Links

The Jesus Puzzle: Did Christianity begin with a mythical Christ? by Earl Doherty, reviewed by Acharya S.

Earl Doherty's Review of The Christ Conspiracy

Book Review: The Christ Conspiracy

Jesus: God, Man or Myth? An excellent book by Herb Cutner, reviewed by Acharya S.

Buddhist Influence in Christian Origins by Ken Humphreys. A sober and well-researched overview revealing important correspondences.

The Truth About Jesus by Mangasarian, an ex-minister. Yet another nail in this rotting coffin.

Forgery in Christianity by Joseph Wheless. A must-read to remove that murky film of brainwashing.

Christianism Great quotes from such luminaries as Thomas Paine re the fictitious nature of the Bible, Jesus and Paul.

Origin of Freemasonry by Thomas Paine. Another brilliant person reveals the origins of Christianity.

The Great Myth of the Sun-Gods by Alvin Boyd Kuhn, PhD. Discusses the origins of the Jesus character. Kuhn is another highly skilled mythologist and scholar.

The Bible & Jesus Myth American Atheists articles by Frank Zindler.

The Satanic Roots Of The Roman Catholic Church Christian Jack Chick verifies the SOLAR CULT roots of Christianity.

The Myth of the Historical Jesus by Hayyim ben Yehoshua. A Jewish perspective.

The Jesus of History--A Reply to Josh McDowell by Gordon Stein. Stein expertly does away with the purported passages in the works of historians such as Josephus, Suetonius and Tacitus so widely trumpeted by Christian apologists as evidence of Jesus's existence.

The Astrological Foundation of the Christ Myth by Malik Jabbar. The Bible is Solar Mythology.

Did Jesus Christ Really Live? by Marshall Gauvin. Good general overview.

Jesus: Fact or Fiction Debunks apologists' spurious claims regarding historians.

Egyptian and Pagan Themes in Christian Tradition Long overview of comparisons, with ancient texts and inscriptions.

Who is This King of Glory? Alvin Boyd Kuhn reveals the Egyptian origins of Christianity and the fictional nature of Jesus Christ.

Worship of the Sun From The Worship of Nature by J.G. Frazer. Outlines the prevalent "Pagan" sun-worship, including that of the Persian sun god Mithra, that eventually became Christianity.

The Historicity of Jesus FAQ Debunks, once again, the spurious claims that the "historical Jesus" is found anywhere outside the New Testament. Apologists really need to give this up.

Did Jesus Ever Live? Debunking by well-known Rationalist Joseph McCabe. Oddly and irrationally, after showing the story to be preposterous, McCabe eventually reveals himself to be an evemerist, i.e., someone who finds a "human" core somewhere under the numerous pagan mythological layers. His dating of the canonical texts is also off but represents the typical academic perspective.

The Rationalists Manual by MD Aletheia. Loads more on the Pagan origins of Christ and Christianity.

Did Jesus Exist--The Probing Mind by Frank Zindler. Well-written overview of the arguments against a "historical Jesus." Regarding the spurious passage in Josephus, Zindler says: "As late as 891, Photius in his Bibliotheca explicitly states that Josephus makes no mention at all of Jesus' miracles and acts - indicating that the disputed passage was absent from his copy of Antiquities of the Jews. The question can probably be laid to rest by noting that as late as the sixteenth century, according to Rylands, a scholar named Vossius had a manuscript of Josephus from which the passage was wanting."

Christianity is a Meme "On a more personal level, religious conversion is known to alter the chemistry of the brain in many people. The high of the born-again Christian is a state of euphoria with addictive qualities. The Christianity Meme need only provide religious explanation for the high, like 'the love of God,' to create a strong infection."

Jesus: Pagan Christ or Jewish Messiah? "Who created Jesus? And why?" (Haven't read this one, so I can't comment as to its conclusions.

The Christ Myth by Ed Selby. Excellent overview from a Universalist Unitarian site.

The Diegesis by Rev. Robert Taylor. Used to be online, but this book is well worth owning, as it was written by one of the most brilliant minds in history.

THE TWELVE: FURTHER FICTIONS FROM THE NEW TESTAMENT by Frank Zindler. Outlines other fictional characters in the New Testament, including the 12 disciples: "Among the many imaginary characters of the New Testament, perhaps the most blatantly obvious fictions are the Twelve Disciples. Of course, if Jesus was a sun-god (and who else is born on the winter solstice and worshiped on Sunday?), he would have needed twelve zodiacal accomplices, one for every month of the year, or one for every sign of the zodiac through which the sun's chariot journeys."

Pagan Origins of the Christ Myth by John Jackson. Another thorough researcher.

The Christ by John Remsburg: "If Christ was not originally a solar god he wears today the livery of one. His mother, the Virgin, was the mother of the solar gods; his birthday, Christmas, is the birthday of all the gods of the sun; his Twelve Apostles correspond to the twelve signs of the Zodiac; according to the Gospels, at his crucifixion the sun was eclipsed, he expired toward sunset, and rose again with the sun; the day appointed for his worship, the Lord's day, is the dies solis, Sunday, of the sun worshipers; while the principal feasts observed in memory of him were once observed in honor of their goals. 'Every detail of the Sun myth,' says the noted astronomer, Richard A. Proctor, 'is worked into the record of the Galilean teacher.'"

The Christ Remsburg expertly tackles the alleged nonbiblical evidence of Jesus's existence, such as the spurious Josephus passage, etc.

Sun Worship Images Christian iconography revolves around the solar mythology.

Review of Lee Strobel's The Case for Christ by Jeff Lowder. Debunks the  attempts by apologists.

The Cult of the Sun Quotes from regarding the ancient astrotheology. "There is no difficulty in placing the worship of the sun god in the earliest times, when it slowly took on a natural pattern and form determined by observation of the solar cycle."

Tacitus and Bracciolini Written in 1878 by JW Ross, an "excellent Latin scholar," who attempted to prove that Tacitus's Annals were forged.

The Christ Passage in Josephus A critical essay by scholar Solomon Zeitlin on the "Testimonium Flavianum," which proves to be, once again, nothing but a forgery.

PROOF OF THE HISTORICAL JESUS, OR RUSH TO JUDGMENT? Frank Zindler's analysis of the "James Ossuary."

Christianity and the Vedic Influence Within It by Stephen Knapp. An extensive expose of the influence of Indian religion on Christianity.

Debunking Christian Fundamentalist and Evangelical Arguments by Vinstonas Wu. A very thorough-looking site.

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"Murdock's scholarship is relentless! ...the research conducted by D.M. Murdock concerning the myth of Jesus Christ is certainly both valuable and worthy of consideration." —Dr. Kenneth L. Feder, Professor of Archaeology, Central Connecticut State University, Frauds, Myths, and Mysteries: Science and Pseudoscience In Archaeology

"I find myself in full agreement with Acharya S/D.M. Murdock... I find it undeniable that...many, many of the epic heroes and ancient patriarchs and matriarchs of the Old Testament were personified stars, planets and constellations..." —Dr. Robert M. Price, The Pre-Nicene New Testament

"I can recommend your work whole-heartedly!" —Dr. Robert Eisenman, James the Brother of Jesus and The New Testament Code,

"...I have found Murdock's scholarship, research, knowledge of the original languages, and creative linkages to be breathtaking and highly stimulating." —Rev. Dr. Jon Burnham, Pastor, Presbyterian Church, Houston, TX

"Acharya S deserves to be recognized as a leading researcher and an expert in the field of comparative mythology, on a par with James Frazer or Robert Graves—indeed, superior to those forerunners in the frankness of her conclusions and the volume of her evidence." —Barbara Walker, The Women's Encyclopedia of Myths and Secrets and Man Made God

"I've known people with triple Ph.D's who haven't come close to the scholarship in Who Was Jesus?" —Pastor David Bruce, M.Div, North Park Seminary, Chicago,

"Thirty years ago, when in divinity school, I might have had second thoughts about becoming an Episcopal priest if a book like D. M. Murdock's Who Was Jesus? had been available to me." —Bob Semes, Retired university professor of History and Religion, Founder and Executive Director of The Jefferson Center

"Ms. Murdock is one of only a tiny number of scholars with the richly diverse academic background (and the necessary courage) to adequately address the question of whether Jesus Christ truly existed as a walking-talking figure in first-century Palestine." —David Mills, Atheist Universe

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