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Debunkers & Skeptics

Talk.Origins Skeptics attempt to debunk "Forbidden Archaeology" and many issues found at sites such as Atlantis Rising. They have some valid points, particularly that too many people are gullible and under-educated. But debunkers can be also dogmatic, not to mention dull.

The Skeptic's Dictionary Look up your favorite subject.

The New England Skeptical Society It is always beneficial to get the skeptical side of anything before you decide...

CSICOP The hard-edged "Psi Cops" debunk pretty much everything, much to the dismay of many.

Skeptic Magazine

Pleiadean Prophet Billy Meier Exposed!

Sai Baba: God-man or Con-man? Basava Premanand is India's leading guru-buster.  He believes that the country's biggest spiritual leader, Sri Satya Sai Baba, is a charlatan and must be exposed.

Ex-Baba Expose by former Baba devotees.

Celebrity Atheist List

Honest Intellectual Inquiry Quick-witted ex-Mormon freethinker expertly tackles the Latter Day Saints, along with other slicing and dicing.

The Torah Code Cracked - Okay, so maybe God didn't write the Bible - Slate magazine debunks The Bible Code.

The Infidel Guy Hot site from a rising star in the world of Freethought.

Gay Atheists Pretty courageous bunch.

Bible Code and Hidden Messages Debunks the infamous "Bible Code" and others, by the Skeptical Inquirer.

Freelover Smart freethinker Dan Fake's philosophical musings.

Recovering from Jehovah's Witnesses A critique by an ex-follower.

Visual Evolution Great images showing aspects of the evolutionary process.

MythBusters Team Struck Down By Zeus MythBusters hosts Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman, who dared challenge the sacred explanations of the order of the universe, were destroyed by Zeus Monday.