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In the Name of Goddess Diana

"I lead from the heart, not the head, albeit it's gotten me into trouble." Diana, Princess of Wales

On August 31, 1997, The world lost a great being, a woman of soul, a divine incarnation who would have gone on to do increasingly great things to help humanity and the planet. Diana had the means, the wisdom and will to be one of the most impactful humanitarians and visionaries this little sphere has ever seen. And now she is dead, though immortalized in our hearts. Weep for yourselves, humankind, for you are poorer today.

And womankind, be inconsolable that one of your finest representatives walks this earth no more. And in your grief, work to bring the Goddess through yourselves until there is no more separation, until there is a total merger of spirit and soul. Only in this way will the tremendous void, the excruciating emptiness, be filled. Each woman has within her the seed to be the Queen of Heaven, the Triple Goddess: Lunar Virgin, Mother of Creatures and Huntress in the Sacred Grove.

Divine Di was Down to Earth

Let us not allow the memory of Diana to perish, so her death will not be for naught. Let us pick up her mantle and follow her example. To do this, we must inspect her work and her character, and determine where she had been and would have gone. Certainly, her travail raising awareness of the atrocious and widespread issue of landmines is the most important of her passions, in that it affects the most amount of people and the health of the planet itself. Let us take her humanitarian work and make it "earth-atarian," applicable not only to the human species but the planet as a whole. Let us ride her passion in our efforts to save all life on Earth.

With such an impetus, it can be done, as the human spirit has the potential of being sacred and sublime, able to overcome all obstacles and to produce real beauty. Such is the example set by the beautiful and gracious Di.

Some have criticized this woman of elegance and charm, saying that she was just another people-exploiting royal, full of fluff and self-indulgence, living the high life in a false hierarchical role that set her above the rest of humanity. Such criticisms are, of course, based in ignorance and jealousy. Diana's life was full of moments of compassion, caring and relating on a human level, welcoming all those around into her world. She never appeared arrogant or conceited in her status, which cannot be said for the majority of those who have been in a similar position. As the "most-photographed woman in the world," she certainly had the potential of being a cantankerous priMadonna or wacko Jacko, but she never was. In fact, she was far from being the wilfull uppercruster, as she continually fought with the ruling elite and likely lost her life because of it.

Although dwelling in the upper stratosphere of earthly existence, Diana was as human as those who live closest to the earth. She need not be begrudged her position, as she well understood how to use it not to enrich herself but to better the status of others and raise them to the same plane. And we are convinced that she would have incessantly striven to do so, assisting in improving the standard of living worldwide.

Royalty, Schmoyalty

Still other sniping critics will point to the various "failings" of Diana, calling her life "tragic" and self-righteously pronouncing her a "bad role model." Diana did not live the smooth but phony life of a royal. She was a person, not a robot, and she learned from her experiences, whether pleasant or unpleasant, which gave her an ever-increasing depth of soul. On the other end is the so-called royal family, in its icy and hypocritical behavior past and present, which has revealed that it is a sham, a scam and a ripoff. Who are these stony people, and what makes them think they have the right to rule over others, whether political or otherwise? Why are they able to sit in fat-cat houses and spend enormous sums of money that they have not earned by any stretch of the imagination? Royalty are usually descended from thugs, as in ancient days it was the brute of the clan who took over the leadership, much as the "alpha male" gorilla does to this day. Like the gorilla, sometimes wisdom has accompanied physical strength, but often it has not, and so-called royals have been merely megalomaniacs and descendants of megalomaniacs, engaging in acts as depraved as those of any "commoner" criminal.

In many ways, Diana will be more powerful in death than life, particularly when one considers that she is already being deified and credited with miracles and healings. Considering that she was a woman just coming into her power, one can only imagine what she would have accomplished in the next several decades of life. Of course, if, as was rumored, she was pregnant by, engaged to and would have married Dodi Fayed, a Muslim, one would rightly be concerned about what kind of effect he would have had on her efforts, particularly when one considers that he and his father were involved in the world's illegal arms trade, which, presumably, included land mines.

Chances are that Fayed would have reined Diana in the minute they were married, as is often the case with men all around the globe but particularly with those from the more patriarchal countries where Islam rules. Chances are her marriage would have been disastrous. Naturally, the House of Windsor cannot have been pleased that the future king would have had a Muslim as his stepfather, even though the Windsors are plenty cozy with such Muslim hierarchs as the Sultan of Brunei. In fact, at the upper levels of the elite, such outward, vulgar religions are not applicable.

Where was the "Almighty God?"

And speaking of religion, the biggest question people asked themselves and others, just as they do in any tragedy, is "Why would God let this happen?" Well, the question should be, "If there is a god, why would 'he' let this happen?" It is times like this that prove there is no such god, separate and apart from creation, sitting aloofly in an enigmatic castle in the clouds watching humankind, which is at the mercy of "his" every whim and caprice. Those who ask this question may also state something to the effect of "She's with the Lord now."

While it is a comforting sentiment that Diana lives on, such statements are really empty and hollow, serving only to momentarily distract from the agonizing grief. Who is this Lord person who would so violently and abruptly take such a beautiful being from our world? Do we truly want her to be with such a one, who cannot be considered a "god" at all? If he were a human lord, would we wish him to kidnap her in such stealth and without our consent and prior knowledge, smashing her body to smithereens and causing her immense suffering? Would we then applaud him for allowing her to be with him? Why does "God" get all of the praise but none of the blame for Diana's sudden disappearance from this realm? Instead, it's the fault of the paparazzi and the drunk driver.

Such is human folly. When a plane crashes, the survivors praise God for having saved them, but they do not ask why he didn't prevent the crash in the first place. Was he sleeping at the wheel? Drunk himself? Chasing after a beautiful princess in a Mercedes? Was it a momentary lapse of consciousness in the omniscient brain of his? Or was it simply senility? Or perhaps something more sinister? If Diana's death was the work of a menacing occult cabal, why also did not "God," who is supposed to be far more powerful than any such agency, whether human or otherwise, put a stop to it?

This separate god person does not exist, pure and simple. There is divinity in the cosmos; there is creativity. But these godly qualities are not separate and apart from the creation; they are inherent in it. And they were innate in the lovely Princess Di.

In our grief we wish to know why this happened. If there is no god person killing people for some reason or another, what caused it? Was it mere human error? Or something worse? Is there no supernatural aura that protects, be it "God," "angels" or simply energy? Well, such is the paradox of life in that, yes, there is such protection, and sometimes it is quite noticeable, and, no, no amount of spiritual armor can prevent a malfunction of this magnitude. At this point, we cannot see the sense in it, if there is any at all, but we take solace in the fact that good will come of it. Of course, this applies to all tragedies, including heinous wars. It is up to us to transmute such tragedies, and this is perhaps why they occur, to propel us into a greater understanding of life and the cosmos. From its ongoing unconscious behavior, it is clear that humanity needs constant, massive wake-up calls, until it reaches a state of evolution where no such Zen-sticking is necessary.

Goodbye, beloved Diana. You will live on as an example of love and strength in the hearts, minds and souls of the new man and woman.

Diana & Dodi Murdered? by Sherman Skolnick

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