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Environmental Statistics

"What have they done to the earth? What have they done to our fair sister?"
Jim Morrison

"The road to the future leads us smack into the wall. We simply ricochet off the alternatives that destiny offers: a demographic explosion that triggers social chaos and spreads death, nuclear delirium, and the quasi-annihilation of the species. Our survival is no more than a question of 25, 50, or perhaps 100 years."

Jacques Cousteau

The following statistics concern the environmental degradation going on day after day, year after year. These stats were compiled from Global Awareness in Action by the great Native American earth prophet Sun Bear in his important book, Black Dawn/Bright Day. These stats date from 1990, but we have been unable to find such a compilation of current statistics. It would be reasonable to assume that most of these grave statistics have changed for the worse, and few for the better.

Each Minute

  • At least 51 acres of tropical forests are destroyed.
  • We consume almost 35,000 barrels of oil.
  • 50 tons of fertile soil are washed or blown off cropland.
  • We add 12,000 tons of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere.

Each Hour

  • 1,692 acres of productive dry land become desert.
  • 1,800 children die of malnutrition and hunger (that makes a total of 15 million each year).
  • 120 million dollars are spent for military expenditures (making a total of one trillion each year).
  • 55 people are poisoned by the pesticides they use; 5 die.
  • 60 new cases of cancer are diagnosed in the United States alone (that makes a total of 500,000 each year with 20,000 leading to death).

Each Day

  • Over 230,000 babies are born.
  • 25,000 people die of water shortage or contamination.
  • 10 tons of nuclear waste are being generated by the 350 existing nuclear plants.
  • 250,000 tons of sulfuric acid fall as acid rain in the Northern Hemisphere.
  • 60 tons of plastic packaging and 372 tons of fishing net are dumped into the sea by commercial fishermen.
  • Almost 5 species of life become extinct.

Since these statistics were compiled, we have seen ozone depletion at a frightening rate, causing innumerable skin cancers and blindness in animals, as well as mutations of the phytoplankton in the ocean. On top of this, frogs - one of the indicator species that reflects of the health of the ecosystem - worldwide are becoming both hideously deformed, with multiple legs and eyes in odd places, such as their throats, and extinct, neither of which bodes well for the human species. Fishes are also mutating worldwide, and there is a terrible "new" organism called "Pfisteria" that is eating fish from the American Carolinas to the Atlantic Ocean and now, apparently into the Gulf of Mexico, among other places. Our oceans are also becoming extremely depleted of life. In addition, as of 1998, an estimated 20,000 square miles of Brazilian rainforest per year are being destroyed, three times the number in 1994.

Finally, politicians are accepting that global warming is real, and nations previously unconcerned with the environment have been given the wake-up call in terms of land loss due to rising oceans and tremendous storms and winds that take a heavy toll on life and property. The thinning of the ozone layer also is purportedly allowing for the jet stream, the layer of the atmosphere that acts as its circulatory system, to move closer to the earth, creating micro-bursts of winds of hundreds of miles per hour. According to prognostications, this will only increase, to the point where it will become extremely difficult to live with the wind. Because of the wind and the sun, people will begin to spend more time indoors, and eventually they may have to live and grow their food underground. With the current rate of poisoning and earth changes, which the various earthkeepers are certain is the result of such poisoning, this can very well happen not only in our lifetime but in the next several years. And, at least one Russian scientist has declared that at this current rate of ozone depletion, in 200 years no life will be able to live on the surface. It should be understood that by that time, only microbial life would be around, the higher lifeforms having died off much earlier.

These frightening statistics are scientifically based, rather than on information channeled from gods, aliens or ancestors. In other words, this is not guesswork, and the dire predictions are sound and worthy of heed. However, there is still time for the earth itself to rectify this situation and possibly heal itself. But that will require the removal of much of the pestilence, which unfortunately is man.

Many individuals with blinders on and in denial will claim that we are simply going through a natural cycle and that man has had no deleterious effect on its environment. Others will claim that a sky-god of one ethnicity or another is responsible, punishing humans for such transgressions as abortion or homosexuality. This is a primitive superstition that dates back to when man lived in caves. The fact remains that if you poison your home, you're going to end up with a mess, and you are going to cause illness, decay and death. It is simple cause and effect, not the will of any capricious deity who is so obsessed with puny human beings that instead of waving "his" magic wand and fixing the problem, which "he" caused in the first place by creating such willful and irresponsible creatures, "he" will sadistically pour out "his" omnipotent wrath upon the earth.

Unfortunately, as the earth's environment worsens, so too will catastrophes that may kill off much of the population, including volcanic eruptions, storms, floods, droughts, earthquakes, disease, glacier melting and others that the myriad earth prophets and scientists of all races and creeds predict will continue to increase in size and number. Obviously, it would be best for all to take heed of such warnings and alter their behavior such that we may at least mitigate the damage and slow it down. Also, the frogs in the pot of boiling water must begin to jump up and down and demand change from those who have the power and authority to do it.

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"I find myself in full agreement with Acharya S/D.M. Murdock... I find it undeniable that...many, many of the epic heroes and ancient patriarchs and matriarchs of the Old Testament were personified stars, planets and constellations..." —Dr. Robert M. Price, The Pre-Nicene New Testament

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