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Man Made God by Barbara G. Walker New!

   Who Was Jesus?            |        Christ in Egypt          |          The Gospel        

Who Was Jesus? Fingerprints of The Christ image Christ in Egypt: The Horus-Jesus Connection gospel according to acharya s cover image 250 dpi


Hemp for Victory

Hempispure History and uses of hemp.

North American Industrial Hemp Council Non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the development and use of hemp, and hemp related products.

Hemptech: The Industrial Hemp Information Network

Vote Hemp - Industrial Hemp Information and Advocacy

Registers voters online, educates about Industrial Hemp, provides online voter guide, and sends email Action Alerts.

Hemp Bags, Hemp Hats, Hemp Clothing, Hemp Accessories, Hemp Craft Hemp Sisters offers hemp bags, hemp hats, hemp clothing, hemp accessories, hemp craft supplies, hemp bath and hemp home products and more.

Global Hemp Portal to the hemp industry. Products, secure online ordering, the latest news, and support resources.

Jack Herer The Big Daddy of Hempsters. Everything you want to know about hemp and couldn't wait to ask.