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Favorite Sites 

The Christ Conspiracy
Numerous articles and books demonstrating that there is no reliable evidence for the existence of Jesus Christ.

UFOs & Esoterica
Sites about UFOs, aliens, Atlantis and other mysteries.

Women's Rights
Sites showing the oppression, torture, enslavement and slaughter of women worldwide.

Money Matters
Links providing information about money opportunities and scams.

Sites exploring conspiracies of many types, including government cover-ups on many levels and covert operations.

Links to comprehensive sites about mythology from around the world.

Debunkers and Skeptics
Skeptical, atheist and debunking sites that deal with the Shroud of Turin and other supernatural and paranormal oddities.

Religions & Cults
various sites showing the folly--and danger--of various of the world's religions and cults.

Sensuality & Tantra
sites concerning the issues of sensuality, tantra and massage.

Hemp for Victory
The varied uses of the miraculous hemp plant throughout history.

Are you a crackpot? What is "global unity?"