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Miscellaneous Links

Foresight For those of you who are crackpot visionaries, here's a long list of others whose ideas were first ridiculed then became the standard.

Villa of the Mysteries Mack White's wild and wacky comic books.

THE WORLD MIND SOCIETY Interesting site proposing a plan for global unity. "The WMS library is a collection of short articles designed to promote the expansion of consciousness."

Messiah Truth Jewish anti-Missionary group.

Al-Andalus "Al-Andalus was a unique moment in world history where under Moorish rule, Muslims, Jews & Christians lived together in relative peace & harmony inspiring a calm exchange of ideas & cultural flowering. We are a group of 2-9 artists (musicians, singers & dancers) The members of our group are from many diverse & contrasting cultures including North American, North African, Arab, S. Indian, Hispanic, Persian, Sephardic & Spanish communities."

Everything Under the Moon Free Witchcraft Spells, Wicca/Wiccan Spells, Love Spells and more!