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Mysteries of the World

by D.M. Murdock/Acharya S

Ancient Astronauts

"Our world has two sets of natural laws. One set tells us stupidly simple things about gravity and nature. The other tells us that space and time are constantly distorted in our reality, and that we are all subject to the still undefined laws of that second set."

John Keel, Disneyland of the Gods

"Probably nothing could ever dislodge sceptics from positions clung to for their very life."

Peter Kolosimo, Not of this World

"If there is a Universal Mind, must it be sane?"

Charles Fort

The following is said in my best Rod Serling voice, as part of my studies in folklore and mythology, leading you into a whole new world for you to examine...

Rod Serling, host of 'The Twighlight Zone'

Skepticism is the basis for science. As such, skeptisicm is absolutely crucial in order to discover the truth. It is true that far too many people are gullible, rather than skeptical. This gullibility has led to the unthinking following of dangerous ideologies that make human beings little more than sheep and slaves. Millions are convinced, merely on the words of others, that there are invisible creatures of one or another ethnicity, race gender or form, such as gods, sons of gods, virgin mothers, angels, devils, etc., who are directing life behind the scenes. While there are indeed unseen forces at work in nature (such as air, gravity, levity and love), what they have been too frequently portrayed as are mere cultural artifacts and hallucinations, instead of ultimate realities. Mindlessly believing in these limited depictions of the mysterious and enigmatic without thorough investigation is not healthy. But hardcore skepticism that reduces the cosmos to nothing but mechanical matter and third-dimensional, mundane mediocrity is not necessarily healthy either. In this sense, the gullible follower and the hardcore skeptic are in the same boat, and the paradox thus presented is at the core of the quest for understanding the workings of the universe.

Much of the time, the materialistic depiction of life rings true, as the supernatural or paranormal does not concretely factor into daily life. However, at times the truly bizarre and unexplainable occurs, thus throwing our established paradigms of reality into an uproar. While materialists find these occurrences disturbing and readily dismiss them as fantasy and illusion, the fact remains that some of them cannot be so easily dismissed. Nor would we want to, since these moments of mystery are some of the most delicious and entertaining that we can experience in this dimension. These "fortean" moments, when frogs purportedly fall from the sky or chupacabras allegedly appear out of nowhere or manmade objects are supposedly found in rock strata millions of years old, should be viewed as simply fascinating and not ignored. After all, who wants to live in a world or universe where no magic ever occurs? Yet, that desire does not mean we should not inspect or enjoy such events with a critical eye, using rigorous scientific methodology.

Let us inspect some of these inexplicable and earthshaking events that have allegedly occurred over the thousands and millions of years. These "fortean" events or items, named by Charles Fort "the procession of the damned" (Prometheus Books), are innumerable in quantity, so the following will present a mere taste of the wonders that await those who have not already made up their minds as to the nature of reality. (The following list represents reportage of apparent and alleged phenomena from folklore, stories and reports around the world, not an opinion or endorsement as to whether or not they have actually happened or are "real." I include numerous links/citations for further investigation. Ask yourself, is it real or is a hoax?)

These examples are but a few of the wacky and wild anomalies reported and purported around the globe for thousands of years. The quantity of such weird discoveries is vast, and many of them cannot to be dismissed or explained away. We must ask, how did these bizarre things come about? And why would we want to ignore them? They clearly constitute some of the most interesting aspects of the human drama. To ignore them is to accept a world and a cosmos that is dull, uniform and boring. Even orthodox science recognizes that the universe is infinitely surprising in its vastness and diversity. Black holes, quarks and other cosmic oddities that appear to be at once real and unreal fascinate scientists and give them pause in their definitive pronouncements—why disregard the mysteries closer to home?

Sources and further reading: Not of This World by Peter Kolosimo, Disneyland of the Gods by John Keel, The Complete Books of Charles Fort, Fingerprints of the Gods by Graham Hancock, Forbidden Archeology by Thompson & Cremo, The Lost Cities series by David Childress, Chariots of the Gods by Erich von Daniken, Atlantis: The Eighth Continent by Charles Berlitz, "Out-of-place Artifacts." See also Frauds, Myths and Mysteries and Encyclopedia of Dubious Archaeology: From Atlantis to the Walam Olum by Kenneth Feder, "Does Acharya Believe in the Ancient Astronauth Theory?" at FreethoughtNation Forums.

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"Murdock's scholarship is relentless! ...the research conducted by D.M. Murdock concerning the myth of Jesus Christ is certainly both valuable and worthy of consideration." —Dr. Kenneth L. Feder, Professor of Archaeology, Central Connecticut State University, Frauds, Myths, and Mysteries: Science and Pseudoscience In Archaeology

"I find myself in full agreement with Acharya S/D.M. Murdock... I find it undeniable that...many, many of the epic heroes and ancient patriarchs and matriarchs of the Old Testament were personified stars, planets and constellations..." —Dr. Robert M. Price, The Pre-Nicene New Testament

"I can recommend your work whole-heartedly!" —Dr. Robert Eisenman, James the Brother of Jesus and The New Testament Code,

"...I have found Murdock's scholarship, research, knowledge of the original languages, and creative linkages to be breathtaking and highly stimulating." —Rev. Dr. Jon Burnham, Pastor, Presbyterian Church, Houston, TX

"Acharya S deserves to be recognized as a leading researcher and an expert in the field of comparative mythology, on a par with James Frazer or Robert Graves—indeed, superior to those forerunners in the frankness of her conclusions and the volume of her evidence." —Barbara Walker, The Women's Encyclopedia of Myths and Secrets and Man Made God

"I've known people with triple Ph.D's who haven't come close to the scholarship in Who Was Jesus?" —Pastor David Bruce, M.Div, North Park Seminary, Chicago,

"Thirty years ago, when in divinity school, I might have had second thoughts about becoming an Episcopal priest if a book like D. M. Murdock's Who Was Jesus? had been available to me." —Bob Semes, Retired university professor of History and Religion, Founder and Executive Director of The Jefferson Center

"Ms. Murdock is one of only a tiny number of scholars with the richly diverse academic background (and the necessary courage) to adequately address the question of whether Jesus Christ truly existed as a walking-talking figure in first-century Palestine." —David Mills, Atheist Universe

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