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Religions & Cults

Absurdities of the Bible by Clarence Darrow, and other essays.

Introduction to the Bible and Biblical Problems Excellent history and critique of the Bible.

The Bible Unearthed An LA Times review of Finkelstein and Silberman's book, which reveals the non-historicity of the most dramatic Old Testament tales.

Doubting the Exodus "After a century of excavations trying to prove the ancient accounts true, archeologists say there is no conclusive evidence that the Israelites were ever in Egypt, were ever enslaved, ever wandered in the Sinai wilderness for 40 years or ever conquered the land of Canaan under Joshua's leadership. To the contrary, the prevailing view is that most of Joshua's fabled military campaigns never occurred--archeologists have uncovered ash layers and other signs of destruction at the relevant time at only one of the many battlegrounds mentioned in the Bible."

Deconstructing the walls of Jericho by Ze'ev Herzog. "Following 70 years of intensive excavations in the Land of Israel, archaeologists have found out: The patriarchs' acts are legendary, the Israelites did not sojourn in Egypt or make an exodus, they did not conquer the land. Neither is there any mention of the empire of David and Solomon, nor of the source of belief in the God of Israel. These facts have been known for years, but Israel is a stubborn people and nobody wants to hear about it."

David's Jerusalem: Fact or Fiction? From Biblical Archaeological Review. Once again, archaeology proves the Bible is NOT a "historical document."

Jewish History, Jewish Religion: The Weight of Three Thousand Years by Professor Israel Shahak. The late, great Prof. Shahak was a courageous Jewish concentration camp survivor and Israeli citizen who exposed the virulent anti-Gentilism within Judaism. Provided by Radio Islam.

A Comparison of Judaism and Christianity Ultra-orthodox Hassidic Jewish sect of the Lubavitchers trash Christianity. "Jews believe in the Bible because G-d said so (orally). Christians believe in G-d because the Bible tells them to."

Life in Our Anti-Christian America Too funny!

Atrocities of the Christian Church Complete with pictures! Do you really want to be a part of this legacy?

Victims of the Christian Faith "How many people have been killed by Christians since Biblical times?"

Our Lady of Lies Christopher Hitchens debunks the "Virgin Mary" of Medjugorje.

The Unspoken Bible "MISSION: We hold that the teachings of religious institutions, herein called the Church, are corrupt; their doctors of divinity are quacks and liars; and their sourcebook, the Bible, is a certifiable forgery."

The Watchman Expositor Comprehensive list of "cults," the "New Age" and the occult. What is astounding is that, after knowing all this, the authors continue to cling to their own braindead cult, Christianity.

Cult Awareness & Information Centre Seems to be a good overview. Haven't yet come across any agenda on behalf of the compiler of the site.

Tree of Life Bookstore Has many of the texts referenced in "Origins of Christianity" and much more. This wonderful store was founded by a truly blessed individual, Dr. Kanya. 

Why I am not a Hindu A long essay by an Indian.

Tolerance in Islam If you want to quake in your boots, read this treatise, but take an anti-psychotic drug first.

Who Was Muhammad? Jerusalem Post review of the book The Quest for the Historical Muhammad, which raises many doubts about the accepted "history" of Islam. "A few scholars go even further, doubting even the existence of Muhammad."

The Origins of the Koran "For Gibbon it was an 'incoherent rhapsody of fable,' for Carlyle an 'insupportable stupidity,' while here is what the German scholar Salomon Reinach thought: 'From the literary point of view, the Koran has little merit. Declamation, repetition, puerility, a lack of logic and coherence strike the unprepared reader at every turn. It is humiliating to the human intellect to think that this mediocre literature has been the subject of innumerable commentaries, and that millions of men are still wasting time absorbing it.'"

The Massacres of the Khilafah Murder and mayhem by Muslims.

"Islam is a Religion of Peace" This lie really needs to be put to rest. Warning: Disturbing images.

The Official Website of Prophet Mohammed A "spoof" site that provides valuable education with a sense of humor.

God Diagnosed With Bipolar Disorder In a diagnosis that helps explain the confusing and contradictory aspects of the cosmos that have baffled philosophers, theologians, and other students of the human condition for millennia, God, creator of the universe and longtime deity to billions of followers, was found Monday to suffer from bipolar disorder.